Farewell Ride

by Michael Rains

I know that many of us have spent a lot of time wondering, truly, what our purpose is.  It wasn’t but a few years ago, that I finally came to the conclusion that maybe I was put here to help people in any way that I can.  So that’s what I did.  Anything from offering advice and or giving money; I did what I felt was necessary in fulfilling that purpose.  But then I joined the Marine Corps Infantry.

It was a choice that came from left field, even in my own head.  Here was a job field that I thought was all about killing and violence, but the longer I spent in the Corps, the more I realized why we do what we do.  We do what we do to not only protect our loved ones back home, but to protect the innocent people from foreign countries who must endure fear in their hearts day in and day out.  I’m not trying to get sentimental, but I feel that no one should have to live that way.

And now, my time has come to step foot in a foreign country.  Afghanistan, to be exact.  I’m going over there to do what Marines do and in doing so, I will also be fulfilling my purpose to help people.  Not many people can handle the life that I’ve chosen for myself and that is alright, because this isn’t for everyone, but I truly feel alive.

I feel as though my life is complete.  I’m married to a woman who is beautiful, inside and out, I have an amazing 5 month old son, who keeps me laughing just as much as his mother, I have great friends and family, and I have no doubts.  All of the choices I’ve made throughout my life have brought me to this very moment and that’s all I live for; this moment.  If god allows me to return to my family, then you will see a much different person when I come back.  You will see something in my eyes that is hard to come by.  You will see the fire in my eyes that can only come from someone who is living life and not just existing.  You will see a man without fear and a man who put his life on the line for complete strangers, because he, himself, knows what it’s like to feel helpless.

If I seem as though I’m preaching, well, that’s because I am.  This is my last blog for 7 months and I want all 4 of my readers to understand what goes on in my mind a bit better.  I’m not a perfect person, which is alright, because I accept that I am, indeed, imperfect in every way.  Eventhough I may not always like the choices I make, I love who I am and I learn something new about myself each and every day.  I challenge you all to do the same.

I’m only 20 years old, so I have an eternity to learn more and grow more.  Today is nothing more than a milestone in my life.  The last farewell ride of the old me.  : ]

I’ve bought two journals to write in, so while on deployment I will try my best to write in them as much as possible.  I will make journal entries, poems, stories, and anything else to comes into my mind and I will more than likely post them in blog when I come back.  I can always use more journals and ink pens, so if you want to send some, I’m going to put a link to my wife’s wordpress blog and she can give you my mailing address. XD

I challenge all of you to live your lives.  Love who you are and never be ashamed of yourself.  I hope to get letters from all who read this and you can send letters about anything.

Until then! :D

“The things we take for granted are the indispensable keys to happiness”


My Wife’s Page: http://brownskinnedbeauty.wordpress.com/

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